Our company

Treasure Global Inc

Treasure Global Inc ("TGL") is an innovative Malaysian e-commerce platform connecting subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods, services and rewards.

• Founded on March 20, 2020
• US Holding Company Structure
• Dual-facing business model targeting consumers and merchants

• IP: i. International Patent Protection
ii. Owned and/or licensed by our subsidiary GEM while providing seamless lifestyle solutions

Treasure Global, or TGL, is a Malaysian solutions provider developing innovative technology platforms. We have a strong track record of developing cutting-edge solutions for our customer base, and through our proprietary technology platform, we developed two primary technology solutions - ZCITY and TAZTE- that are proving to seamlessly connect online e-commerce with offline physical retailers.

TGL is a dynamic technology solutions company that is able to follow shifts in consumer demand to ensure we are in touch with recent market trends, helping to further drive market share and as open up new market opportunities. In particular, we have cemented our leadership position in the AI-driven e-commerce space, already integrating AI into several of our product offerings.

Given our experience and success within the F&B industry, we established a third growth driver this year as an F&B master franchisor, which we launched as Foodlink. We believe we have continued opportunities to leverage our platform to reach a more expansive consumer base and are able to introduce new products and innovations which we expect to drive our growth in the years ahead.

Ecosystem starts with Rewards

By simplifying a user’s e-payment gateway experience and providing great deals, rewards and promotions with every use, we aim to make the ZCITY App Malaysia’s top reward digital platform and automate solution market leader in F&B industry. Our longer-term goal is to make the ZCITY App and its ever-developing technology into one of the most well-known commercialized applications throughout Southeast Asia and Japan.

As of May 5, 2024, ZCITY boasts over 2,699,216 registered users.