Bringing together the worlds of online e-commerce
and offline physical retailers

TGI (NASDAQ:TGL) is an innovative Malaysian e-commerce platform providing seamless lifestyle solutions for consumers and merchants with instant rebates and affiliate cashback programs. On a mission to bring together the worlds of online e-commerce and offline physical retailers, TGI is developing a portfolio of leading digital platforms for use throughout Southeast Asia (“SEA”) and Japan.

In June 2020, TGI launched its proprietary product, the ZCITY App , a cross profit-sharing platform that allows business owners to promote their product, increase their network, and reap the profits and rewards.


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Rewards On Rewards

The ZCITY App targets consumers by providing personalized deals based on the consumers’ purchase history, location and preferences. Our technology platform allows us to identify the spending trends of our customers (the when, where, why, and how much).

We are able to offer these personalized deals through the application [of our proprietary] artificial intelligence (or "AI") technology that scours the available database to identify and create opportunities to extrapolate the greatest value from the data, analyze consumer behavior and roll out attractive reward-based campaigns for targeted audiences. We believe this AI technology is currently a unique market differentiator for the ZCITY App.

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Business Transformation From Traditional To Digitalized

TAZTE by ZCITY provides a comprehensive solution for merchants to digitize their businesses, improving operational efficiencies. It offers an integrated technology ecosystem that caters to each F&B merchant's specific requirements, eliminating the need for conventional standalone point-of-sale (POS) systems.

One of the key features of TAZTE is its ability to streamline transactions through online payment and QR digital payment technology. This allows merchants to easily record transactions and offer convenient online payment options to their customers. Additionally, the system enables merchants to set discounts, execute loyalty program redemptions, and provide rewards online, all through the ZCITY App.

TAZTE leverages ZCITY's CRM analytics software to attract and retain consumers through personalized, data-driven engagement. This helps merchants create a more targeted and engaging experience for their customers, ultimately leading to greater profitability.

Furthermore, TAZTE includes a 'Deviceless Queue System' that reduces staff need, potentially decreasing merchants' operational costs. It also offers a private domain delivery service, allowing merchants to access multiple dedicated delivery partners. This ensures a high-quality delivery service for consumers, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Group Buy Deals Everyday

Group Buy Deals Everyday

Zstore is ZCITY App 's e-mall service that offers group-buys and instant rebate to users with embedded AI and big data analytics to provide an express shopping experience.

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Perintis Usahawan Malaysia (PUMAS) Awards

The BrandLaureate SME’s e-Branding BestBrands Award 2021

Malaysia Excellence Business Award (MEBA) 2021: Excellence in Online Loyalty Services

Malaysia Most Impactful Product Award

2020 SME Emerging Award by 2020
Platinum Business Awards

The Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand

Asia eCommerce Awards 2023
Best eCommerce Solution - Silver Award